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In the past dozen years, I have played an active rôle in the InDesign User Groups. In addition to having founded three chapters, I’ve been a regular speaker at meetings.

New York InDesign User Group

I helped found the InDesign User Group in New York with a team including Noha Edell, Scott Citron and Sandee Cohen in 2001. As part of its coördinating committee, I played a part in the early operations of the group – even flying in from Chicago to attend meetings.

The founding of user groups in New York and Seattle occurred at a critical time after InDesign’s original release in 1999. Today, there are more than 85 active user groups in three dozen countries – and InDesign is the dominant page layout tool in the publishing industry.

Chicago InDesign User Group

Having moved to Chicago in 2002, I helped found a user group chapter there with Tom Petrillo, Rick Borstein, Shellie Hall and Gary Adcock. Our original meetings were held at Capps Digital University with the kind coöperation of Charlie Townes, and at Columbia College.

As the hub of the United States’ printing industry, the Midwest was a critical region for the establishment of InDesign. Many of our members worked at printing houses, graphic design studios and advertising firms – and it was the collaborative nature of the Chicago user group that gave people their first introduction to the application and its possibilities.

Los Angeles InDesign User Group

On my return to Los Angeles in mid-2003, I started investigating setting up an InDesign User Group to serve Southern California. Thanks to the contributions of Lisa Forrester and John Lopez, regular user group meetings began in 2005.

Los Angeles is a unique environment because of its geographically-widespread membership. The group meets at various locations around the metropolis over the year. I still speak regularly at meetings on topics like typography, automation and tablet publishing.

Adobe Influencer Programme

Over the years, Adobe has recognized individuals and professionals who have had a significant impact on the creative community. The Influencer programme acts a form of outreach to better connect the company with the users of its products and technologies. I have been part of the programme since 2007.

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