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Every publishing medium has its own advantages. There is a convenience to readily accessible and easily updated information online; the resilience and tangibility of printed media is to be admired in its own unique manner.

If you prefer the physical over the ephemeral, then I would be happy to send you a copy of my printed portfolio. Please fill in your postal address using the form at the end of this page, and I’ll post you a copy.

Knowledge in Practice

My profession is to advise and train clients on publishing technologies across different media. One of the ways I like to demonstrate my knowledge and skills is by making my own materials.

My portfolio is an example of the care and dedication that I place in everything that I do. Like this website, I authored, designed and produced all of my print materials. The only exceptions to this rule were the typeface (designed by my colleagues at Underware), and the structural engineering and press run at Westamerica Graphics.

Most of the work was done using Adobe Creative Suite applications, including Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge and Acrobat Pro. FontLab Studio, Corel Painter, PrintDevizor and OmniOutliner were also used during production and prepress.

2012 PIA Award Winner

Every year, the Printing Industries of America (founded in 1887) hold their Premier Print Awards competition. Of the thousands of entries submitted for the 2012 event, my portfolio was the only American work to win an Award of Recognition in its category.

The Premier Print Awards are the printing industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. They recognize the importance of the professional collaborative relationship between the designer and the printer. Being neither one nor the other, I was both surprised and humbled to have my work win a 2012 PIA Award.

Unique Process

Some people think of print as a rather staid medium. However, there are many things that can be done in print that cannot be achieved otherwise. I designed my portfolio as an experimental piece: it demonstrates a variety of custom printing processes and technologies.

The design uses seven different printing plates. Amongst these are a double-strike black, a metallic ink, a pastel ink, a tritone greyscale process, and a pair of reciprocal vanishes.

In order to remove the appearance of a visible halftone pattern, a twenty micron stochastic screen was used during plate production to achieve continuous grades and tones. The portfolio was printed on sustainable paper stock.

Printed by Westamerica

I am indebted to my colleagues at Westamerica Graphics in Foothill Ranch, California for printing my portfolio. Their excellent staff, facility and advice made the whole prepress, printing and production process a pleasure.

When designing materials for print, it is critically important to foster a good relationship with your printer. Like any publishing medium, print has its technological limits. Your printer will know how to produce the best possible output in the given circumstances.

If you’re based in Southern California and are looking for a reliable printer, I recommend consulting Doug Grant and the team at Westamerica.